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About Jess C.

Jess (they/she) is an educator/artist/writer from Eastern Massachusetts. They’re pushing 40, queer, anxious, under-slept, and over-caffeinated. Weekdays, they can be found in a classroom, working as an Instructional Assistant (primarily with autism spectrum teenagers) in academic classes, and a Vocational Coach in a career-readiness program. Weekends and nights, they spend time drawing (analog to digital), painting, or writing. Their current hyperfixations include seeking out cool zines to contribute to, learning the Finnish language, ridiculous DnD actual-play podcasts, art YouTubers, queer and feminist arts and crafts (especially digital art and needlepoint), and the Ramona Quimby books (which they are reading with their kid). Jess has been married to her wife for ten years, and they live in the urban outskirts of the Greater Boston area with their seven-year-old son and neurotic-yet-spoiled cat, River Song.

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